The Obsidian Roundup is a newsletter intended to help ObsidianMD users keep up to date with updates and workflow tips.

Obsidian.md is a powerful knowledge base that works on top of a local folder of plain text Markdown files. The tool is very flexible and the community is very active, so users in the community discord requested the creation of this newsletter. Hopefully, this will provide an easily digestible summary in "ICYMI" form of useful tips, information & resources users not active in the Discord might otherwise miss.

The intention is that each letter represent a summary of potentially relevant information came up in during discussion. Some of it might not necessarily be new, but since it came up, the assumption is that it might be useful for people who don't spend all day hanging out with the Obsidian community. It is not exclusively a list of cutting-edge features, but also will not replicate a blow-by-blow account of every discussion.

If you have a particular request or suggestion, or would like help out (for example by helping me expand this to a bi-weekly offering) please reach out.